Bhya Sugai is a Brazilian artist and designer, born in the modernist capital of Brazil, Brasília. With a career that includes living in Florianópolis and years of creative experience in Rio de Janeiro, she now calls Lisbon home. It was the experience in Portugal that inspired the creation of Azure.

With a degree in Graphic Design from PUC-Rio and a master’s degree in Design Management from IADE – European University, Bhya is passionate about expressing herself through her hands and artistic creation.

the practice

and main concept

Expressing herself through the creation of paintings and objects is a moment of deep meditation, reflection, and conscious intention. Peace is a state that deeply resonates because through it, freedom, intuition, joy, integrity, and love are experienced. Each work is imbued with this intention, seeking to fill oneself with those feelings and give them to those who seek it as well.

In custom projects, a specific method is followed. Through a unique and custom approach, the areas in which the client is looking for peace that surpasses understanding are identified. That is then the foundation of the entire creative process to deliver a healing piece of art.

Hoping that when appreciating these works, people remember who they are and feel enveloped by the intention and energy that permeates these works.