2024 :: Lisbon by Design

LISBON by DESIGN is an annual intimate fair highlighting a curated array of high-end contemporary collectible craft and design crafted in Portugal.

The primary aim is to present exceptional pieces, many of which are specially commissioned for the fair or making their debut appearance, captivating and inspiring collectors, art consultants, interior designers, real estate developers, and a broader audience of aficionados of beautiful objects and design.

The inaugural edition was launched in 2021, followed by two successful editions in 2022 and 2023, all held in the intimate and exclusive setting of the Gomes Freire Palace in the heart of Lisbon.

Taking place in May concurrently with Arco Lisbon, a significant and well-attended International Contemporary Art Fair, LISBON by DESIGN offers a unique opportunity for engagement with cutting-edge made in Portugal design and high craft.

In 2023, the fair expanded its reach across the city by inaugurating the first Lisbon Design Week, a collaborative project with From My City, featuring 50 creative events centered around craft and design.

2023 :: Casa Aberta · Santo Infante

Santo Infante explored the vibrant Baixa of Lisbon on the 3rd floor, 61 Rua de Santa Justa, following successful experiences in Santos and Príncipe Real in previous years.

They created a welcoming environment, furnished and decorated with the best of Portugal, curated by the Avenida Infante Santo store. The decoration stood out for the harmonization of tiles and frescoes in this unique Pombaline house. Additionally, they presented a growing collection of pieces designed exclusively for this event.

Arquitetura · Mutporto

2022 :: Casa Aberta · Santo Infante

CASA ABERTA is held by Santo Infante and took place from November 18 to December 18, 2022.

The space was designed with different concepts, seeking to reflect the work that the interior atelier Santo Infante develops.

There were two apartments, the second floor, a living space, the Open House, continuing the concept of “Real houses for real people”, creating and idealizing commons so that people can relate and visualize.

In the apartment on the third floor, a more versatile and multipurpose space, seeking to create inspiration for other areas of living and use, with the installation of a Pop-Up in one of the divisions, an office/library and a lounge room that allowed the realization of small events and brand interaction and promotion actions, through workshops, conversations and other events that marked the agenda of the Open House.

This year’s edition had a strong component of exclusivity, with several artists developing pieces exclusively for this event in order to create unique, engaging and welcoming environments, thus demonstrating the full potential behind Portuguese brands.

2022 :: MUT Maria Valente

MUT Maria Valente was a project by MUT, which challenged Santo Infante to decorate an apartment with only Portuguese brands together with Maria Valente.

Arquitetura · Mutporto
Decoração · Santo Infante
Fotografia · Abarquitetura.foto
Influencer · Maria Valente

2022 :: Portugal Manual · Fair

The Centro Cultural de Belém together with Portugal Manual created the New Artisans fair.

All made by new craftsmen, those who renew tradition and return to the manual. Those who daily stimulate local economies and put authorial and manual production back on the map. The ones that, directly and indirectly, made the eyes turn not only to the new but also to the traditional.